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Noviship makes selling courier easy, no matter what your volume or how many customers you serve.

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Your Courier Business

Noviship gives you a simple way to resell courier services reliably and efficiently.  Offer your customers a variety of services and precisely control your business.  Noviship takes the work out of management, automatically billing customers and providing continuous reporting.

An interface your customers will love

Our easy to use shipping system is cloud-hosted and always available.  We interface with a growing range of couriers and provide extensive convenience features such as customer address books, shipping history, quick shipment quoting and pickup management.  Customers can easily track their shipments and with multiple users, securely manage their shipping needs.

Compare rates but pay a single bill

A sure way to retain your customers is to give them what they want: the ability to shop for the right product.  With our system you can easily sell services from multiple couriers yet provide your customers with a single periodic bill and shipment report.  Every step of the way we show your customers how you are saving them money.

The Noviship system makes shipping easy and convenient.  Our continuously available cloud-hosted system provides users with a simple interface for rating, shipping, booking pickups, producing international documentation and tracking shipments.  Each customer account can have multiple users with different privileges making it possible for your customers to manage their own shipping requirements and department expenditure.

Our convenient interface gives your customers complete control over their shipments.  Users can track shipment progress and will be promptly notified of problems.  


Our system integrates with many carriers providing domestic, import and export shipping services around the world.  Waybills are available for immediate download and printing once a shipment is confirmed, using any modern Internet browser (desktop or mobile).

Impress your customers with an efficient shipping system that couldn’t be easier to use.  Your customers are guided through each step of the shipping process.   Commercial Invoices can be produced automatically for international shipments.

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