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This document explains how to set pricing for customers using the new offer system. Each customer is assigned to either the original provision based pricing system or the new zone based pricing system. The new system allows pricing at the zone-specific level and therefore better matches the pricing structure used by the carriers.

To activate this system for a customer you should edit the customer account and select “Zone System” in the offer model.


Now when you click the “Edit Offers” button for a customer you will see the new single-page pricing system.


When you click the “+” icon beside an offer the zone/weight/packaging table will appear. You do not need to use this table as entering a discount or markup in the offer box will set the price for all zones, weights and packaging.

The zone table is a complex document and may take some time to load on your browser. If the loading time is too great consider switching to Chrome which can render this information much faster than Internet Explorer.

A useful, separate feature is the price cache. If the system has previously quoted a shipment for a specific zone and weight then the discount the account received will be displayed beside the edit box.

As a short-cut you can enter pricing for an entire zone or an entire weight line by entering an amount into the legend box above or to the left of the table.